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“I highly recommend Wayne Moloney for his experience and his no nonsense approach to business. With his help over the last two years I have achieved much better results than ever expected.”

Chris Coleman, Owner – Transport and Waste Solutions

“Wayne has been working with me for over 10 years and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others. Initially I engaged Wayne to assist with expansion of our marketing, which has been an enormous success. Wayne then also assisted with a complete overhaul of my company setting up proper business structures, analysing how we operate and implementing various changes as we have evolved. Wayne still works with me monitoring our marketing and advertising directly but also as general business advisor attending our monthly board meeting. I believe that Wayne has an excellent understanding of all business management processes and would be an asset to any company than needs assistance in these processes.”

Chris Books, MD/Owner – Addbuild Master Builders

“Wayne is a strategist and visionary. He gets to know his clients and their business, their industry and their operating environment and provides practical support and guidance. Wayne’s advice is built on years of experience so I find it inspiring and extremely value-adding.”

Gabrielle Bongiorno, Executive Manager Corporate Services – J. Wyndham Prince

“In previous roles in the printing industry, Wayne worked with me for 5 years providing strategic planning & implementation initiatives which benefited my organisation immensely. Our growth in a challenging market was positively influenced by Wayne. He is disciplined, methodical & experienced. His persistence & clarity of thinking has enabled him to cut through any roadblocks to ensure projects are kept on track & commitments met by all stakeholders. He also is not against rolling his sleeves up to help with some of the mundane processes needed to keep projects moving when they stall because of other business pressures.
I recommend Wayne as a business consultant that offers tremendous value for money & to top it off is real nice bloke – this I understand comes free of charge!”

Brett Johnson, Head of Sales – Blue Star Group

“Wayne has a professional and practical approach to assisting his clients in improving their business. This was evident when he worked with clients that I had reviewed within the Entrepreneurs Program. Wayne’s impressive depth of knowledge and experience across many Industry sectors , relationship management skills and personable nature made it a pleasure to recommend him to clients.”

Tony Dyer, Industry Development Manager – University of Wollongong

“Wayne’s wide ranging entrepreneurial and business experience in administration, sales and marketing enables him to insert the required measure of reality into our business decisions. As an associate of the Institute for Independent Business, he can readily call on the expertise and skills of its consultant base in areas such as Australian Work Agreements, OHS, Business Planning, Marketing, and Grants. We have therefore been able to avoid many of the pitfalls that can beset an embryonic venture. Wayne is highly regarded by Epica Solution’s management team – it’s like having an associate Director on the Board.”

Arnold van der Vegt, GM/Owner – Epica Solutions

“Business Roadmap has assisted Steamatic in defining and developing their marketing strategy over the last two years with great results. At our recent National Franchisee Convention Wayne Moloney provided an excellent presentation on “Developing a Sales System” – the feed-back from all concerned has been excellent.”

Oliver Threlfall, Director – Steamatic

“Wayne conducted an intensive strategic business planning session which provided us with a clear picture of where we need to go, how to get there and the risks we would need to address. As a result, we have achieved a focussed sales effort that delivered results in a very short period of time.”

Philip Callender, President – Tooltwist

“Wayne has been able to support us through a key phase of our business growth. We have benefited from his experience and knowledge during our time together. He has always brought clarity to our strategy and tough decisions”

Raymond Kantor, General Manager – Shearwater Solutions

“Wayne has made a significant and valuable contribution to our planning, review and development for three years and enjoys the full confidence of our management and governance teams”

Graham Boshier, CEO – DARE Disability Services