Forming a Strategic Alliance

Looking for a smart way to grow your business? A strategic alliance may be the answer. A strategic alliance is essentially an agreement, formal or informal, to combine efforts with another business. The project may range from leveraging better prices from suppliers by bulk buying to building a product together with each partner carrying out [...]

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More Sales, More Profit, Less Resource!!

Lean has long been associated with manufacturing and credited to Toyota. However, I challenge both premises and am a believer that Toyota’s role in post-war Japan was to ‘commercialise’ a concept that was probably started by Henry Ford. Further, while it no doubt started as a manufacturing ‘tool’, Lean has since evolved into a set [...]

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How To Alienate Clients And Lose Business!

Communicate [verb]...from the Latin ‘communicat’ meaning ‘to share’ Communication [noun]...The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. The successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings (Oxford Dictionary) In today’s world, communication is more critical than ever. It is also simpler to communicate and in our ‘wired’ instantaneous world, people do not expect [...]

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Want To Grow Your Business? Then, Be Prepared For Change….

Like everything else, businesses can’t grow without changing. Right?  The nature of growth is change.  You can’t want your business to grow while holding onto everything staying the same.  When you have a clear intention to grow your business, you have the opportunity to carefully plan the necessary changes, implement it in a controlled way [...]

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Going Green – It’s Not Just Good For The Environment, It’s Good For Your Business

Going green is not just a fad, if well executed; it will not only be beneficial to the environment but could also prove to be worthwhile for your business. Going green will protect your resources and reduce wastage and save your business some money. When you experience the benefits of going green, the entrepreneur in [...]

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Attitude, Motivation and Creativity – 3 Of The Keys To Success

Employers and employees who thrive exhibit many similar personal qualities but also remarkable distinctions. For instance, the two require a positive attitude, however, the attitude of the employer is likely to be determined by some key aspects of their personality. A business owner who lacks the proper attitude will never be successful in business. Success [...]

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How To Transform A Group Into A Team

Your staff is a clearly defined group, but that doesn’t mean they are a team. How do you tell the difference? Well, if your employees are most strongly bound together because they work for the same company in the same workplace each day, then they’re a group.  But if they have a shared mission and [...]

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Top Tips For Selling And Buying A Business

Buying or selling a business is stressful. Too often, the outcome can leave both parties dissatisfied; with sellers feeling disappointed that they got less than they wanted, and buyers thinking that they paid too much. On all sides, it helps to be realistic about expectations and to be objective about the evaluations that are part [...]

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Play To Your Strengths

First things first, no one is perfect. We are all a blend of strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, in every human is also an innate desire to reach perfection. We are therefore too conscious of our shortcomings. This significantly hinders us from tapping into our strengths, and we consequently sabotage our efforts. Preoccupation with your imperfections [...]

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Smart Ways To Get In Front Of Your Competition

We’re living in the times of the most crowded marketplace ever known.  Thanks to the Internet everything local fast becomes global, and small business owners don’t necessarily compete anymore just with other businesses in the area. It doesn’t take long for global multi-nationals to pick up on small, but great ideas.  Copy cats abound, in [...]

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