How to become a super effective leader Leadership skills are all learnable. If you can ride a bike you can learn how to be a super effective leader and have your teams motivated and smashing sales targets. Henry Ford said, “Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.” The role of the sales leader in [...]

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Audit your standards of customer service

So much is said in retailing about customer service but not enough is actually done about it. Personally, I am all too often confronted with local service that I find below what I consider acceptable, and is actually embarrassing. And yet I do not see businesses placing any emphasis or investment in addressing the problem. [...]

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‘Lifetime Customers’ – Are They Possible?

Not many business owners believe that they can keep their customers for life.  We’re well aware that we are operating our businesses in times when competition knows no bounds and where our spoilt for choice customers are more empowered and more fickle than they have ever been.  Most of today’s business owners are resigned to [...]

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Develop A Strategy To Remain Your Customers Preferred Option

It is no doubt that the success of any SME is hinged on its customer service. A business that takes the time to learn its customers, their needs and preferences are more likely to enjoy success and have immense potential for growth. Many business owners know this too. However, the question begs, how do businesses [...]

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10 Ways To Become An Effective Listener

Failure to truly listen to one another is probably the most common roadblock in communications; and it happens to also be one of the most typical complaints that staff level at management. Too often, when we get ‘the wrong end of the stick’ it’s all about our failure to listen properly. If you find yourself [...]

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Play To Your Strengths

First things first, no one is perfect. We are all a blend of strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, in every human is also an innate desire to reach perfection. We are therefore too conscious of our shortcomings. This significantly hinders us from tapping into our strengths, and we consequently sabotage our efforts. Preoccupation with your imperfections [...]

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The Changing Workforce

All business owners need to understand the implications of today’s skills shortage.  It is an important indicator that the ways we hire, develop, manage, renumerate and meet the aspirations of our people have to change, and so does the way we run our businesses. Most developed countries sit in the same boat with an aging [...]

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What Salespeople Can Teach Politicians

For many, including myself, the results of recent high-profile elections and referendums has come as a shock. Results of the BREXIT vote, the US election and the uncertainty surrounding upcoming elections in Europe all indicate rising support for anti-establishment politics. If these were the results of sales teams I was managing, I’d most likely be [...]

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Tips to Empower Your People To Grow Your Business

Why empowering your team is good for you We hear a lot nowadays about the importance of ‘empowering’ our employees, but how does a business owner or manager actually do that? Some might reject the idea outright because they think it means giving up their authority. Others might go overboard burdening team members with what [...]

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