Business Roadmap works with you to ensure you receive the most appropriate advice for your business’ size, stage of development or specific area of need. A free initial consultation will help identify how we can best help, and the best way to work together.

Business Mentoring

As your business mentor, I don’t just solve immediate problems, ‘tell you what to do’ or coach you to improve performance.  I work with you to develop both the business and the individual so you are better equipped to solve problems and make sound business decisions in the future.  But I will not shy away from difficult problems you may be facing.  I will help you identify what might be holding you back from the success you should be enjoying and then work with you to resolve the problem.  Through this guidance you will be better equipped to solve future problems in your business.

During our mentoring sessions I guide and challenge your ideas based on our years of experience, pass on our knowledge and help you find solutions to problems. I am the wise (and grey) head you can turn to in a crisis, bounce ideas off or I will simply look at your business through a different set of eyes.

My objective is to help you improve your business performance through developing the skills needed and addressing the problems holding you back.

Business Roadmap provides one-on-one support to help you achieve your goals and address the problems that are ‘keeping you awake at night’.

As your business mentor my role is to listen, question, counsel and facilitate growth.  I do this through:

–       Helping to clarify business objectives and goals

–       Helping identify problems and areas for improvement

–       Sharing my experience and knowledge

–       Helping you build your own business skills and capabilities

–       Contributing objective and informed feedback

Business Roadmap Mentoring helps business owners overcome challenges and improve their chances of success.

Business Roadmap Mentoring focuses on business improvement through personal development and problem solving.  I look to deliver results through change brought about in partnership with you.


Business Roadmap Benchmarking

Medical professionals measure key indicators such as cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI to identify lifestyle change options to improve quality of life.

What is business performance could be assessed in the same way?

Business Roadmap can provide real-time benchmarking of vital financial and non-financial to identify how your business ‘stacks-up’.

Our process captures, analyses, benchmarks and ranks financial statement and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data to provide relevant, high-value reports.  The reports provide meaningful information to easily and quickly identify best practices and enable action to be taken to address underperformance.

Business Roadmap Benchmarking Reports ensure a structured and managed approach to financial and non-financial analysis.

Business Wisdom

What you don’t know really can hurt you in business.

But sadly, many business owners don’t know what you don’t know.

Business Roadmap’s Business Wisdom is a unique business diagnostic that assesses each part of your business to identify what it is doing well and where it is falling short of best practice.

You can’t get your business to a different place by taking the same road.  And you can’t get there without direction.

Based on the results of our business diagnosis we help you to develop action plans based directly on the challenges you face that focus on delivering the best results for your business.


For more information on how Business Roadmap can help you get more out of your business, your staff and your life, please contact us at or +61 (0)2 4754 2224.