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There’s a saying in business, in fact it’s a truism – “Nothing happens until somebody sells something”

Sales is the lifeblood of each and every business. No matter how good your product or service, your customer support or business logistics, without sales your business will die.

After a successful career building and developing companies across the globe, with a constant focus on business development, I know what constitutes sales success. I have developed sales training programs that will help you manager your sales staff better and help your sales staff sell more, more often.

Sales 101

Whether you are selling the latest technology on the market to multi-nationals or new business concepts to the management team, the key factor in your approach will be attitude. My Direct Sales Training identifies that a positive attitude towards selling, towards your product and towards yourself are fundamental for success in selling. I then work through the basic steps in the selling process, including lead generation, qualifying prospects, presenting, dealing with objections and getting commitment from your prospect to buy.

Lean Sales

Selling today MUST be about delivering VALUE to you client. And value can only be defined by the client. So how do you position yourself, your company and your product or service to be the value the client wants?

Often the biggest challenges that sales people face is the shift psychologically that their product or service is competitive despite the many potential obstacles to this realisation. Lean Sales Training, reviews the basics in the sales process such as prospecting, qualification, and dealing with objections but then goes further. Participants learn how to identify value, as defined by the prospect. Participants learn to address the need for relationship building; review a SWOT analysis of the prospect organization, and its product and service lines to identify new opportunities and sales strategies, and begins to highlight the practice of key account sales for those building and managing larger accounts.

Sales Management

Sales manager’s today, find themselves facing challenges far greater than in the past. Not only must they have the most current knowledge of the latest technology, issues and breakthroughs in their industry, but they must also possess effective skills in leading the sales team and achieving business results. This interactive workshop develops understanding of the sales management role, then builds skills in communication, forecasting, planning, developing performance standards, delegation, team building, recruitment and managing people.  It is designed to assist new and/or experienced sales managers to address these challenges.

These training programs can be conducted in personally or online. For more information on how I can help you improve the performance of your sales team and generate more revenue, please contact me by email or phone +61 (0)409 908 204.