Want to grow your business? Then, be prepared for change….

Like everything else, businesses can’t grow without changing. Right? The nature of growth is change. You can’t want your business to grow while holding onto everything staying the same. When you have a clear intention to grow your business, you have the opportunity to carefully plan the necessary changes, implement it in a controlled way [...]

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Grow Or Stagnate…But Plan Your Growth

All indications show that your sales are on the increase and you feel terrific about the performance of your business. On top of that, new opportunities are beckoning. The next logical step, you believe, is to expand your business. However, before you take the next step, I want to caution you that rapid, unplanned expansion [...]

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How To Plan For The Unknown

The world is full of surprises, and of course, none of us know what the future has in store for us.  But this uncertainty does not stop us from making plans for our businesses. Your outlook on life affects how you consider the question: What’s going to happen next?  Naturally, those who are optimists tend [...]

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Better Budgeting For Your Business

Budgeting is an essential aspect of good business management.  Formulating and continuously monitoring a realistic and adequate plan for all expenditures and revenue is a critical business success factor. However, budgeting can be become complex as most businesses operate with more than one budget at a time and this presents potential pitfalls.  Subsidiary budgets that [...]

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Busting The Top Myths About Small Business Planning

Anything is possible, so yes, it’s possible that a business can be successful without any planning.  But this would be unusual.  Big or small, high performance businesses mostly have well-conceived strategies in place that are faithfully implemented.  Likewise, a closer look at struggling businesses often reveals that they don’t work to a plan and instead [...]

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Have You Actually Got A Vision For Your Business?

It would be hard to find a small business owner who doesn’t have plans, even big plans, for their business.  However, those that truly have a vision for their business are harder to come by. While the intention of your marketing and business development plans are to propel you into brighter future, they don’t constitute [...]

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How Competitive Analysis Helps Small Businesses

Too often you will hear small business owners saying that they’re far too busy running their businesses to properly take note of what their competition is doing. As a business owner you are always going to be ‘too busy’. The reality is that competitive analysis is a far-sighted, strategic process that should not be ignored [...]

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Why Small Businesses Also Have To Think About Disaster Recovery

If you’re a small business owner who thinks that planning for disaster recovery is for the big corporations, think again! Research from U.S.A and U.K. shows those disasters causing disruptions of operations for ten days or more or a total loss of data result in less than 10% of small businesses actually surviving. Some limp [...]

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5 Steps to Developing Practical KPIs

If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It Yes, it’s a well-worn business cliché, but the thing about such statements is they only become clichés if they are around for a long time. And the only reason this particular statement has been around for a long time is it’s so true! To allow a [...]

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Goal Setting in Business – It’s Just a Game!

I am passionate about sport, and have coached at various levels in various sports for many years.
 Regardless of the level of player skill or ability of a team, I have always found setting goals with players helps motivate and focus their efforts on what we agree we want to achieve. Goal setting is a [...]

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